Why I feel like Karl Anthony-Towns is under appreciated and how the timberwolves could improve

Drafted 1st overall in 2015, Karl Anthony-Towns despiste being the 1st pick was underrated, in the beggining of the 2015-2016 season not many people expected him to be the rookie of the year.

Has his sophmore season began Towns didn’t improve his stats much, but as the season progressed he showed signs that he can dominate the nba in the future, his achievements were praised but shadowed by Westbrook’s season and overlooked because of his team’s record. But if you really think about it his stats are more than impressive. In the 2013-2014 season Kevin Love averaged 26 points per game in a team were the next best scorer averaged 19 points per game, while this season Towns averaged 25 ppg and the next best scorer averaged 24 ppg and the third averaged 18 ppg. You could argue that because of this Towns should be winning, but there are more factors at play.

If you overlook their flaws and only look at their strengths a lot people might say the rest of the minessota roster is pretty decent, but if you actually analyze you will realise that 31 wins is actually good. Andrew Wiggins, good scorer, athletic but average defender, and below average at pretty much everything else at his position. Zach Lavine, decent scorer, below average defender. These two are his best teammates, Rubio is a good passer, but his shotting ability hurts them a lot, the acquisition of a decent point guard, a guy like, Jeff Teague, George Hill, Dennis Schoeder, could turn around the team.


While their defense is a problem, it’s something a coach like Tom Thibodeua can solve over time, with one of those guys, or even a better one, running the point, floor spacing would improve and Towns might actually score even more. Even without a big defensive improvement their offense, much like the rockets, would hide their defensive short comings. 

If they get a decent point guard, if Wiggins gets stronger, if Lavine improves on the defensive end, they could be contenders for years to come.