Why Lebron James and Michael Jordan comparison is not so far fetched

Now that they have played roughly the same ammount of seasons many have stacked up Lebron’s career achievements against Jordan’s. Their stats aren’t too different, Jordan is ahead in points, but lebron is ahead in assists and rebounds. They are both lockdown defenders, so what separates them?

The only big difference is the number of championships. In 6 NBA finals appearences Jordan won all 6, needless to say he had Phil Jackson as a coach and always a great supporting cast for all 6. Lebron went to the finals 7 times and won 3. You could say this makes a big difference, but we have to really look at the details, of the 4 finals Lebron lost, you can’t really blame it on him. His first trip to the finals, and first loss, his supporting cast was not the best, the second best player on the team was Mo Williams, it’s something to behold that he took them that far. His second loss in the finals came at the hands of Dirk Nowitzki, even though he had a really good supporting cast, it was their first year together, Lebron was learning to balance his aggressiveness with Wade and Bosh.

Now his third is the one I think he just didn’t step up, against the spurs, sure Wade wasn’t at his best, but the rest of the team was good and healthy, with Wade off he should have stepped up.

In his fourth there wasn’t much he could do, and he stepped up big time, with Irving and Love out, playing against a team that won 67 games in the regular season, he was just delaying the inevitable.

I think what really puts him up there with Jordan is the 2016 finals. Last year Lebron gave it his all to bring his team from 3-1 down, leading both teams in scoring, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks.

Maybe he’s not quite in Jordan’s level yet, but he’s the closest there has ever been to it, and he is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon.