Why I think Kevin Durant was the missing piece in Golden State

For the past 3 years Golden State has dominated in the regular season, for the first 2 largely due to Stephen Curry’s stellar play and great coaching. They reached the finals both those years won one and lost one, with Curry and Thompson faltering in both finals, great effort from Iggy in 2015 and Draymond in 2016.

Despite this they are both, Thompson and Curry, great players, and scorers, so what does Durant, one of the greatest scorers in the league right now, add to the mix. Well for one he adds more consistent scoring than Thompson, a good example of this is game 1 against the spurs two days ago, before Durant, if Thompson struggled, Curry would have a hard time carrying the load, and even with Kawhi out, they probably would have lost.

But this is not all Durant adds, his a good all around defender, doesn’t excel inside or on the perimeter, but he is good at both, which is perfect for the warriors, since they like to start out with a true center, playing Durant at SF, and as the game progresses switch to the smallball lineup, switching Durant to PF.

Durant is a great player, he would add something anywhere he went, he could be the face of any franchise, but in my opinion he was the missing piece in Golden State.