GSW vs Cavs?

For two straight years we have seen these two teams face each other in the finals, and as fate would have it, we are probably going to have a rematch.

After Kevin Durant moved to the Bay area almost everyone agreed that we might have a rematch in the 2017 finals. But as the regular season came to an end, some tought that the celtics might be able to take down the cavaliers.

Then came the playoffs, and with lebron raising his game to his usual playoff level, the cavaliers have dominated their first two playoff series, and are waiting paciently for their opponent. Be it the celtics or the wizards not many believe that either can take them out.

Pre Kevin Durant or post Kevin Durant, the spurs are going to be hard to beat, but the warriors are flying high and have matchup advantages at pretty much every position. If they play at the same level as the previous two rounds it’s going to be hard for the spurs to survive. 

Even though they tied the regular season series 1-1, the warriors blewout the cavs by 35 points, and the cavs won by 1 with a game winner, which would have most thinking that the warriors have the upperhand. But with Lebron raising his game, and the cavaliers firing on all cylinders, if the warriors and the cavs face eachother in the finals, we will be in for a good one.