Best destinations for Blake Griffin this offseason

With yet another early exit in the playoffs, there have been rumors of the clippers core disbanding. So fans have been wondering where Griffin will land. In this post I will talk about some of the teams where I think Griffin could make a big impact.

Oaklahoma city thunder

This season we saw Westbrook carrying the thunder to the playoffs, with an historic season. While the whole team was pretty tough on defense, Westbrook had to carry the offense almost by himself. Despite not having a lot of cap space to sign someone like Griffin, they have some pieces that they should consider moving in order to sign Griffin. Kanter is a very well liked player in OKC, mostly due to his outgoing personality, he is a good scorer and rebounder, but he is a big liability on the defensive end. Not only is Griffin better on the offensive end, he is much better than Kanter on the defensive end. If OKC free cap space by trading Kanter, and a few more players, they could sign Griffin, with his improved jumper Griffin would help them stretch the floor, take some of the offensive load from Westbrook, and add another tough denfender, making them strong contenders in the West once again.

Portland Trailblazers

I know that their salary cap is not looking pretty, but it would be a great fit for Griffin, it’s their weakest position, he’s literally the missing piece, with a great backcourt, a solid center in Nurkic, Harkless being a solid 3 and D guy at smallforward, and a decent bench, all they need is a good powerforward, so signing Griffin is almost like overachieving. If the Blazers trade Crabbe, Turner and Leonard or Vonleh, they could make room for Griffin and become strong contenders in the West.

Washington Wizards

This is another team with a full payroll, but with a few players that don’t really deserve what they are earning, best example is Mahinmi with a 15 million $ salary, if they move him and a Morris, they could probably sign Griffin, which would give them that final piece, with Wall and Beal, Porter steadly growing, and a proven superstar in Griffin, they become a real threat to Lebron’s reign in the East.

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